Thursday, 25 March 2010

EVENTS - Grace @ The Rock, Bury, 10th April 2010

We are the future. Trend setters. Experience it for yourself. Make your mark. Dance like you're in a music video. Dress like a rock star. Get papped in the best pictures.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love...
...and be loved in return" Nat King Cole

It’s finally here…..

Shrouded in mystery and suspense, Grace emerges to set a new standard in exclusivity. Having enjoyed working and partying at the forefront of the some of the UK’s coolest events (Vogue, Swankys, Dream, etc.), JSKY (Mr Manchester 2009, JSKYPHOTOGRAPHY) and Rick Winstanley (ex Bury FC Footballer, Personal Trainer) have teamed up to deliver an exciting affair for the elite socialite.

♥♥♥GRACE Preliminary Affair: The Black Party♥♥♥
Saturday 10th April 2010 at Siberia, The Rock, Bury

Dress code: All black everything (smart, stylish, suave)- Join us in mourning the death of the standard night. Fashion & Music - Special Guests & Super Cool DJS – Agencies + Scouts – Models + Actors…plus a very special live performance.
Resident DJ’s Andy Jones (Manumission/Hed Kandi/Sergeant Peppers) and Tom Atkinson (Dawn Chorus/Afterparty) will be tearing up the dancefloor with a mix of funky, electro and a hint of garage and commercial.
Complimentary champagne reception for our early guests. Please note this event invite is for a select crowd only. When the clock strikes 12, the doors close and JSKY will begin the celebrations for his 23rd birthday! + the return of JSKYPHOTOGRAPHY.All early bird tickets have now sold out. Please contact a member of the Grace Team for guestlist confirmation. Maybe’s will not be accepted.
Overnight guests are advised to book in at the Village hotel in advance.
Grace is coming ♥

/ˈglɔriəs, ˈgloʊr-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [glawr-ee-uhs, glohr-]
/ˌrɛtrəˈspɛktɪv/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [re-truh-spek-tiv]
/əˌvɑntˈgɑrd, əˌvænt-, ˌævɑnt-, ˌɑvɑnt-; Fr. avɑ̃ˈgard/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [uh-vahnt-gahrd, uh-vant-, av-ahnt-, ah-vahnt-; Fr. a-vahn-gard]
/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sheek] 
/ˌɛnɪgˈmætɪk, ˌinɪg-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [en-ig-mat-ik, ee-nig-]

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