Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Today Show - WII FAIL! FUNNY

Two today show hosts innocently demonstrate a wii game, not realsing what theyre actually doing ha. very funny. 'ohhh, here it comes, here its comes,... there you go, ahh' LOL.


Usher Feat Nicki Minaj - Lil Freak - New out TODAY!

MTV Spring Break - Drake 'Over' - First tv performance

EVENTS - Grace @ The Rock, Bury, 10th April 2010

We are the future. Trend setters. Experience it for yourself. Make your mark. Dance like you're in a music video. Dress like a rock star. Get papped in the best pictures.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love...
...and be loved in return" Nat King Cole

It’s finally here…..

Shrouded in mystery and suspense, Grace emerges to set a new standard in exclusivity. Having enjoyed working and partying at the forefront of the some of the UK’s coolest events (Vogue, Swankys, Dream, etc.), JSKY (Mr Manchester 2009, JSKYPHOTOGRAPHY) and Rick Winstanley (ex Bury FC Footballer, Personal Trainer) have teamed up to deliver an exciting affair for the elite socialite.

♥♥♥GRACE Preliminary Affair: The Black Party♥♥♥
Saturday 10th April 2010 at Siberia, The Rock, Bury

Dress code: All black everything (smart, stylish, suave)- Join us in mourning the death of the standard night. Fashion & Music - Special Guests & Super Cool DJS – Agencies + Scouts – Models + Actors…plus a very special live performance.
Resident DJ’s Andy Jones (Manumission/Hed Kandi/Sergeant Peppers) and Tom Atkinson (Dawn Chorus/Afterparty) will be tearing up the dancefloor with a mix of funky, electro and a hint of garage and commercial.
Complimentary champagne reception for our early guests. Please note this event invite is for a select crowd only. When the clock strikes 12, the doors close and JSKY will begin the celebrations for his 23rd birthday! + the return of JSKYPHOTOGRAPHY.All early bird tickets have now sold out. Please contact a member of the Grace Team for guestlist confirmation. Maybe’s will not be accepted.
Overnight guests are advised to book in at the Village hotel in advance.
Grace is coming ♥

/ˈglɔriəs, ˈgloʊr-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [glawr-ee-uhs, glohr-]
/ˌrɛtrəˈspɛktɪv/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [re-truh-spek-tiv]
/əˌvɑntˈgɑrd, əˌvænt-, ˌævɑnt-, ˌɑvɑnt-; Fr. avɑ̃ˈgard/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [uh-vahnt-gahrd, uh-vant-, av-ahnt-, ah-vahnt-; Fr. a-vahn-gard]
/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sheek] 
/ˌɛnɪgˈmætɪk, ˌinɪg-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [en-ig-mat-ik, ee-nig-]

Nautical Trend - A nautical summer

HA118-13767 Navy Knit 
Vivienne Westwood Man - Mens, dark navy and white ‘Anchor’ knitted polo in a silk and cotton blend with a curved, buttoned placket, striped collar, cuffs and hem and a Vivienne Westwood embroidered ‘Orb’ emblem.

Marvin Humes JLS 

Im laughing quite alot, fashion bloggers have just released this as the new trend. When in fact Ive been wearing this a good 6 months and now, slight alternatives to than their items (sperry boat shoes, topman deck shoes & Kurt Geiger Deck Shoes) but this illustrates a good picture of an affordable highstreet alternative . Looks like the highstreet is catching up. ( Belt, trousers, and deck shoes - all topman)

Love this look though. Check out my rough look book/ideas for a nautical summer.

LOVE THIS ... Belt by Gant

The 'Original' Nautical look -- YSL
If your interested in looking at a more original outfit based on bigger designers, nautical fashion dates back to 1966 when Yves Saint Lauren displayed a fashion changing catwalk collection pulling in inspiration from the Navy/sailing uniforms dating as far back as the 1860’s, you could say he pioneerd the look. Now here we are, 50 years on. 

 Allsaints Cross Anchor Crew @ £110

There's obviously lots of choice everywhere, im not going to blog everything because I want it for myself but keep your eyes and ears open for summer

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Single: Giggs- 'Look What The Cat Dragged In'

Even if you dont like it you gotta respect this. Giggs is coming up quick and one of the realist artists out there.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blame ft. Ruff Sqwad - On My Own - big tune!

Get the look: Urban Outfitters S/S 2010

The 'Make do' scene/trend really boom'd during the recession and has either stuck or is being re-created. The 'cant be botherd' , 'purposfully messy' look is what gonna look good this summer.

Urban Outfitters capture this look. But im sure anyone can re-create the look with charity shops and vintage and just using up all those old clothes in the bottom of your wardrobe!

Will Palmer Adidaskater - New young skate talent.

New young talent Will Palmer from Warrington Uk, is continually blogging skate videos of him and his crew that continue to get better and better. Following success of his youtube channel, recently achieving a youtube advertising sponsorship for his popularity this young skater is due to be the next big thing by the time he his 18!

Well Will is my little cousin and is actually SICK. making an backside kickflip transfer on the hip look easy in his latest episode. 

Check him out!


Monday, 22 March 2010

Tinchy Stryder- Before The Storm (Official Mixtape Download)

Tinchy Stryder releases a new grime mix tape. Forget the guy you here on the album. This is the real one with no record label holding him back. Click the download link to get the Zip file.
When you unzip it, the password is: fleegangoriginaljammer


Click here to download

Sunday Magazine Australia with Rihanna

Urmmm... :)



Photographer Cameron Krone went backstage at Calvin Klein to take candid pictures of models as they prepared to walk the runway

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pretty Nice - New Vivienne Westwood Denim Drunk Jeans